Currently Working On


Working title, Subtidal. A documentary about a family run oyster farm in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, from inception to expansion; through record-breaking winter storms, red tide scares, beach closures for endangered birds, the work truck destroyed by the ocean, and a oyster thief and subsequent scandal.


Working title I Want to Stay With the Asmat People. A look into the legendary status and idealogical veneration that grows builds around a deceased family. Are they the hero that we grew up thinking they were, or are there negative aspects of them that we hide through the generations. In the very early 1960’s, Dutch Crosier, Jan Smit forced to kneel and was shot in the back by the Indonesian police while living among the Asmat people in Papua. At a time when Papua New Guinea island was still considered unexplored, dangerous, and wild by Western civilization. Was he a martyr, an obstruction removed from the pathway to Indonesian independence, or a missionary forcing globalization upon one of the last untouched civilizations in the world? Or did was he killed because he knew what really happened to the U.S. Vice President’s son, Michael Rockfeller, who vanished while collecting Asmat art?